Cooling System Leak & Pressure Tester

Cooling System Leak & Pressure Tester

Sold By K.S Technology Bangladesh

Radiator Water Pressure Tester Description: To make sure your car engine run in good condition, it will need excellent cooling system. So we make different tools to help car engineers diagnosis problem effectively. Because when car engine heat release system comes problem, mechanical engineers spend much time to repair. Sometimes, engineers even have to Lying in the road directly even in very cold or very hot environment. Now our car radiator water tester kit can help you diagnosis trouble very quickly and easily, it will improve your work efficiency a lot! This machine supports worldwide vehicles, and covers all kinds of car cooling systems, such as Japanese cars, Korean cars, Chinese cars, American cars, European cars, etc, can test vehicles from 1998-2012 year. At the same time, it is user friendly, good quality and we 100% sure it will satisfy your car maintenance request. Radiator Water Pressure Tester Applicable: Car work shop, Car workshop, Car tool shop, Car maintenance shop, DIY, Car enthusiasts, etc. Full package to diagnosis auto radiator water pressure, use it directly! Radiator Water Pressure Tester Functions: Mainly test second-hand or old car (drive more than 60,000 kilometer) Test radiator water pressure; Test radiator water leakage or not; Test radiator tightness; Quick test water pipe temperature; 4 steps to test your Car Radiator Water Pressure Cooling System easily and quickly


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